Insight Installation Instructions

These instructions relate to the Redbird MCX, FMX, MX2, SD, or LD and require a basic familiarity with hand tools.

  1. Place the Insight CPU on the ground next to the FMX CPU and plug it in to the surge protector.
  2. Attach one end of the included Cat5e cable to the network port on the back of the Insight Machine. The other end should be routed into the FMX and plugged into one of the open ports on the network hub behind the switch panel. Please do not plug insight into the external network connection this should be left unused so that the customer has the freedom to use it for an external Instructors station if they wish.
  3. Install the camera by mounting it to the back wall. Use the long Barrel screw to replace the screw that is second in from the door on the large back panel. Mount the camera to the screw that is on the back wall, not the roof.
  4. Route the camera’s USB cable along the top of the shell, behind the top of the Kydex on the instructor’s side. (Put it in the top corner of the shell on the instructors’ side). Secure the cable by installing the cable tie anchors in the barrel screws along the wall and securing with zipties.
  5. Plug the Camera’s USB connection into the Active USB Extension Cable and run the cable out the nose of the simulator. Plug this cable into the Insight CPU.
  6. Set up the TV in the desired location and attach the TV to the Insight CPU using the HDMI cable and the included HDMI-DVI Converter.
  7. Plug the Keyboard/Mouse wireless device into the Insight CPU.

Please contact Redbird support if you have any issues during the installation.