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How to Configure Your Redbird Alloy Controls in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

A step-by-step guide on how to set up and calibrate your Redbird Alloy home flight simulator controls for MSFS 2020

1. With Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 open, navigate to the Options drop-down menu and select Controls. Or, if you've already begun a flight, press the Escape key on your keyboard and select Controls.


2. At the top of the Controls menu, select the tab that corresponds to the controller that you wish to configure (YK1, RD1, TH1, TH2, and/or TH3).

3. Once you've selected your controller, navigate to Filter at the left side of the Controls menu,  and change the setting from "Assigned" to "All." 


4. Now you can use the Search by Name box to search for your desired control (for instance, "throttle" or "rudder").


To find the axes for a control, you also can search "axis."


5. To map the control, click its name on the screen.


6. Then choose a corresponding input using the Search by Input box. When you're finished mapping, click on Validate to make any changes. 


7. Note: the axes that you calibrate in the Windows game controller settings are the same that you select from in the input field in MSFS 2020. So, don't pay attention to the + or - options if you've already calibrated your controls in Windows. Just choose the corresponding X, Y, or Z-axis and test to see if it is moving as intended. For instructions on how to calibrate your controllers in Windows, refer to our calibration guides for each Redbird Alloy product.

8. To save your changes, click Apply & Save at the bottom of the Controls menu. If you had already launched a flight, press the Escape key to return to it.