AATD Power Up & Power Down Checklist

Procedure for how to properly power up or power down a Redbird AATD running Navigator.

Power Up Checklist  (Printable PDF Copy)

Power Down Checklist  (Printable PDF Copy)

Power Up Checklist

  1. Turn on the power converter (optional).
    Where to turn on power converter

  2. Turn on the surge protector.
    Surge protector
  3. Turn on the computer.
    Where to turn on the computer

  4. Turn on the motion platform (optional).
    Where to turn on the motion platform

  5. Connect to the Redbird-Navigator WiFi network with your wireless device.
    iPad and wireless router

  6. Open a web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.) and go to: sim.redbirdflight.com to access Navigator.
    Navigator running on iPad
  7. Select Dispatch to launch a flight.
    Dispatch icon

Power Down Checklist

  1. End the flight if one is currently running;

    END FLIGHT button
    1. Through Navigator, press the "END FLIGHT" button, 
      END button on the switch panel of a Redbird AATD

    2. Press the red "END" button on the switch panel, 

      ESC key location on keyboard

    3. Or press the "ESC" key on the keyboard. 

    1. Turn off the motion platform (if installed) by pressing the red "STOP" button on the push button station. 
      Location of the STOP button on the motion platform push button station

    2. Click the power symbol in the top right corner of the UI, select SHUTDOWN, and enter the password (if prompted).
      Power button on Navigator UI
    3. Ensure the computer has fully powered off (fans quiet).
      Computer powered off
    4. Turn off the surge protector.
      surge protector
    5. Turn off the power converter
      (if installed).
      Where to turn off power converter