Redbird Core Software Changelog

Bug fixes, updates, and enhancements to Redbird Core Software on AATDs


Latest Stable Release: RBCore v30.00.00025 - 2020-10-13

Latest Beta Release: RBCore v30.00.00037 - 2021-07-01


RBCore: 30.00.00037 - 2021-07-01


    • Waypoint distance calculation algorithm for certain types of waypoint causing the distance to be calculated from the equator

RBCore: 30.00.00036 - 2021-06-28


    • Waypoint distance calculation algorithm for certain types of waypoint causing the distance to be calculated from the equator

RBCore: 30.00.00035 - 2021-05-03


    • Avidyne - Meridian & Mirage only, changed how systems data is communicated to Avidyne
    • GNS & G1000 - Revised turn anticipation messages
    • GNS & G1000 - Revised leg sequencing logic inside procedure turns.
    • GNS & G1000 - fixed a crash that occurred when an arrival or departure had an embedded hold in the procedure. Previously, only approaches were coded to handle holds.


    • GNS - Added limited user waypoint capability (only through INI file)

RBCore: 30.00.00034 - 2021-02-23


    • New licensing code caused the GNS to black out and be in-op - reverted to orignal licensing code

RBCore: 30.00.00033 - 2021-02-22


    • Not transitioning to inbound leg of Procedure Turns

RBCore: 30.00.00032 - 2021-02-12


    • Found a major issue with common code for Turn Anticipation Prompts

RBCore: 30.00.00031 - 2021-02-10


    • Missing Turn Anticipation Prompts within Procedure Turns

RBCore: 30.00.00030 - 2021-02-09


    • Turn Anticipation not working correctly for Turns tighter than 90 degrees
    • Turn Anticipation not working correctly for direct-to waypoints that result in a turn


    • Missing Turn Anticipation Prompts

RBCore: 30.00.00029 - 2021-02-03


    • Avidyne.ini: Reversed MFD Rotary
    • AvidyneAnnunciator gauge: Fuel Annunciator
    • Events.xml: Aircraft / Failure compatibility list

RBCore: 30.00.00028 - 2021-01-26


    • GNS Startup Screen is now active by default


    • G1000 Failure: Pitot Inlet Blockage
    • G1000 Failure: Pitot & Static Blockage


    • Reinstalled and reregistered all Mindstar fonts for GPS gauges

RBCore: 30.00.00027 - 2021-01-25


    • Corrected GNS Turn Anticipation Prompts

RBCore: 30.00.00026 - 2021-01-22


    • Corrected GNS Turn Anticipation Prompts

RBCore: 30.00.00025 - 2020-10-13


    • Dual Direct-to arrows when you have one direct-to active, then try to make the waypoint immediately before it a Direct-To instead
    • Issue that caused the G1000 SELECT APPROACH screen to freeze if user tried to load an approach at an airport that had no approaches
    • Issue that caused GNS and G1000 to crash if the user re-activated an already active approach
    • G1000 issue where user-defined altitude constraints entered into a flight plan waypoint were ignored
    • G1000 issue where the "selected" approach/arrival/departure was no longer shown selected if you tried to re-select another procedure
    • All gauges to not freeze during approach selection when RealNav data was not installed
    • Bug in the G1000 that caused straight LNAV/VNAV (without any LPV counterpart) to show a glidepath on the PFD incorrectly
    • An internal issue in all GPS units that caused a thread-collision crash at arbitrary times
    • A threading problem in HyperGauge that caused arbitrary sim crashes
    • Messages in G1000 and GNS so the turn anticipation message was a higher priority than other messages, ensuring turn anticipation gets displayed ahead of others
    • Turn anticipation countdown that would sometimes freeze at 9 seconds

RBCore: 30.00.00024 - 2020-10-09


    • Debug Assertion Error when using Native Prepar3d NavData

RBCore: 30.00.00023 - 2020-09-28


    • GNS: Turn Anticipation was not working correctly

RBCore: 30.00.00022 - 2020-09-18


    • Prepar3d NavData: Crash Occurs While parsing through Native NavData for some airports i.e. KOAK
    • Prepar3d NavData: Debug assertion error occurs at random when activating or loading an approach

RBCore: 30.00.00021 - 2020-09-15


    • Uninstall deletes the
    • New or Reinstall is missing the

RBCore: 30.00.00020 - 2020-08-24


    • Gauges for AMS units
    • Cessna510
    • KMD
    • KMD850
    • MVP50
    • KN63
    • KFC225
    • Mirage


    • G1000 gauges was causing lockup in AMS unit due to exposed RB Connect Variables
    • Vector to altitude as 1st item in flight
    • GNS430/530 Turn Anticipation was not working correctly


    • Functionality to set altitudes in SIDS/STARS

RBCore: 30.00.00019 - 2020-08-04


    • AMS Updates
    • KingAir
    • Meridian
    • Caravan

RBCore: 30.00.00018 - 2020-07-10


    • Updated King Air Gauge (AMS Units)
    • FSEnvoy.ini to Flight Simulator Addons
    • Set Mindstar AI SimObjects package as Prerequisite


    • Indexing error in King Air gauge
    • Creating a user waypoint (from Lat/Long) using a numeric value in the waypoint's name caused a crash

RBCore: 30.00.00017 - 2020-06-30


    • RBCORE Package is now allowed to create a System restore point before install

RBCore: 30.00.00016 - 2020-06-29


    • Finalized RealNav.dll, NavUpdate.exe and NavUpdate.exe.manifest for SOWA Temp RealNav Cycle distribution and revocation

RBCore: 30.00.00015 - 2020-06-29


    • Debug version of RealNav.dll, NavUpdate.exe and NavUpdate.exe.manifest for SOWA Temp RealNav Cycle distribution and revocation

RBCore: 30.00.00014 - 2020-06-26


    • SIM freezes when loading VOR/DME RWY15 approach at KMTN - PPC Mission - Arch of A Driver

RBCore: 30.00.00013 - 2020-06-16



    • GPS Active waypoint distance variable for Remote Training SW

RBCore: 30.00.00012 - 2020-06-15



    • LNAV/VNAV Comes up as LPV instead of L/VNAV

RBCore: 30.00.00011 - 2020-06-11


    • Exposing the LVAR Variables caused instability is common code

RBCore: 30.00.00010 - 2020-06-04



    • Added LVAR variables to support Redbird Remote Training SW
    • Added LVAR variables to support the Ryan TCAD



    • Final modification to hypergauge.dll, and all GPS-gauges to prevent a crash that would often happen immediately after loading an approach
    • When a departure is added to a flight plan, the system correctly removes the departure airport ident from the enroute plan. However, if the departure was removed, the original enroute ident was placed back into the enroute plan at the end of the enroute plan instead of at the beginning.


    • Modified KLN94 to prevent an airport to appear as if it had no approaches


    • Airport Info button on the NRST pages of the MFD had a bug that caused a lockup

RBCore: 30.00.00009 - 2020-05-19


    • L/VNAV in-op if LPV option is not an available for the same approach


    • FSEnvoy

RBCore: 30.00.00008 - 2020-04-24

    • Added Thread collision detection and prevention to help alleviate Activation Crash

RBCore: 30.00.00007 - 2020-04-18

    • debug file set to trace Activation Crash

RBCore: 30.00.00006 - 2020-03-30

Rolling back RBCore to V29.00.00031 file set

Instability found in RBCORE V30+ due to 64-bit migration

RBCore: 30.00.00005 - 2020-03-05

Bug Fix

    • GPS crashes simulation after loading approach

RBCore: 30.00.00004 - 2020-02-24



    • Initial Ng rise before the conditional lever


    • RMI error on the co-pilot side

RBCore: 30.00.00003 - 2020-02-07


Common Approach Look up issue which effected:

    • KLN: Approaches Missing
    • G1000: Debug Assertion error
    • GNS: Proc pulls up Nearest Airport instead of Direct-to Airport

RBCore: 30.00.00002 - 2020-01-22


    • New HyperGauge to help suppress Debug Assertion Failed Errors


    • AMS Support to exe.xml
    • SR2XCaps Support to exe.xml

RBCore: 30.00.00001 - 2019-12-09


    • Updated "Twin Engine Air" gauge with dual vacuum failures


    • left/right vacuum failure to instructor Station for Twin Engine Aircrafts

Failing Single Vacuum

    • Red light under appropriate engine gauge will light up representing a failed Vacuum

Failing Dual Vacuum

    • Red light + Suction needle drop to zero and a corresponding effect on any vacuum based gauges (i.e. attitude)

Known Issues

Failing Single Vacuum

    • Suction needle will not drop if only one of the vacuums is failed (Sim engine limitations)

Left Vacuum + Cut-off Right engine

    • Will not automatically simulate real-world scenario (Sim engine limitations)


    • In order to simulate Real-World effect, the Instructor will need to:
      • Manually fail the right vacuum after cutting-off right engine
      • Reset failure when igniting right engine to clear

RBCore: 30.00.0000 - 2019-09-26


    • Moved the code controlling the G1000 "Easter Egg" functions into the fsenvoy.dll
    • Added limited nexrad capability for Oshkosh 2019 Scenario
    • Added LP+V to KFFA RNAV 21 for Oshkosh 2019
    • Added ability to turn on/off individual SBAS systems: WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS
    • Added option to select 8.33 kHz channel spacing in AUX page 4, affects COM radio tuning
    • Added RAIM Prediction Failure
    • Corrected hold entry and waypoint sequencing based on direction of entry.
    • Updated G1000 PFD to show "single arrow" or "double arrow" at the bottom of bearing indicator popup window

GNS 430/530

    • Added turn anticipation display for certain types of legs that were never implemented.
    • Corrected hold entry and waypoint sequencing

Common GPS SW Changes

    • Changed flight plan sequencing logic to properly handle KOXR ILS 25 missed approach hold at SQUID
    • Changed flight plan sequencing logic to properly handle KSBA ILS 07 missed approach hold at GOLET
    • Changed flight plan sequencing logic to properly handle missed approaches with heading intercept legs so they make the turn more aggressively.
    • Changed approach selector popup list to properly identify RNAV (RNP) approaches in the text of the selector window.
    • Changed Hypergauge to prevent an internal error from happening when the system published multiple simultaneous data packets to different gauges, but deleted the data packet prematurely causing a crash.
    • Changed gauges to avoid an accidental popup message from appearing in the background behind the sim, making it look like a system freeze until the message box was cleared.
    • Fixed AutoPilot Veers when Waypoint entered or deleted from flight plan


    • Added 2 additional items to the NAVUPDATE.LOG file to help identify what will happen with the NEXT cycle (for Navigator)
      • NEXT_CYCLE
    • Added Navigator Browser support for NavUpdate (via FSEnvoy)


    • Added RealNav Data Update Icon to Navigator Springboard


    • Updated Dll.XML to add FS Evnoy.dll

Changes - G1000.ini

    • Added Raim Prediction Failure Toggle
    • Added Raim Failure Toggle
    • Added WAAS Failure Toggle
    • Reversed MFD_RANGE INCR & DECR

Update - Events.xml

    • Added Raim Prediction Failure Toggle
    • Added Raim Failure Toggle
    • Added WAAS Failure Toggle
    • Added PA34-FC-G003 to twin engine section

Update - exe.xml

    •  Added PA34-FC-G003