Simulation Debrief User Guide

Last Updated: October 2019

Purpose: This document provides step-by-step instructions for using the Redbird Debrief application. The Debrief application allows users to review their flights in Redbird simulators.

Audience: Pilots wishing to review their Redbird flights.

Assumptions: You have login credentials and have flown flights in a Redbird flight simulator. The flight simulator you used is connected to the internet.


Find Your Flight

1. Navigate to the Redbird account login page at The login screen appears.

Login window

2. Enter your email address and password and click the Login button.

3. After you log in, click the menu icon in the upper right corner of the page.

Menu icon

 4. The pop out menu appears. Click Debrief.

Debrief button highlighted

5. Your Flights page appears.

Your Flights list


NOTE: There are two ways to find a flight simulation from the Your Flights page:
1) manually, or 2) use the search bar at the top of the Your Flights page.

6. To find your flight manually, scroll through the list on each page. If you don't find the flight you’re looking for on a given page, use the page controls at the bottom of the page to advance to the next page.

Change page buttons

7. To find your flight using the search bar, enter the search criteria into the search bar and click the magnifying glass icon on the left side. You can search by title, date, or flight number.


Search Scenarios field

8. You can narrow down your search by using the filter on the search bar. To do so, click the filter icon on the right side.


Filter button highlighted

9. The filter pop out appears.


Filters and Sorting menu

10. To filter by the date the flight took place, click on the calendar icon in the Filter by Date Range section.

Filter By Date Range field

 11. The calendar pops out.



12. Click on the date that represents the start of the range.

13. Click on the date that represents the end of the range. The calendar pop out collapses.

14. To filter by product type, select one or more of the checkboxes in the Filter by Product section.

Filter By Product checkboxes

15. To filter by flight length, select one or more of the checkboxes in the Filter by Flight Length section.

Filter By Flight Length checkboxes

16. To filter by flight simulation number, select one or more of the checkboxes in the Filter by Sim section.

Filter By Sim checkboxes

NOTE: If you anticipate a long list of results after you apply the filter, it's recommended to sort the filtered results.

17. To sort the filtered results, choose one of the radio buttons in the Sort section according to how you want to sort the results.

Sort radio buttons

18. When you have the filtering and sorting criteria as you want it, click Apply Filters at the bottom of the filter pop out.

Apply Filters button highlighted

19. After you find the sim you want to review, click Debrief with Redbird to the right of the title.

Debrief with Redbird button

20. The flight simulation page appears.

Flying Around San Juan map

NOTE: If the data is available, the simulation page will display the plan view of the flight including altitude, airspeed and G force.

NOTE: Layers are only active if the flight is over the U.S.

21. If the simulation is a GIFT flight, the simulation page will include the scores associated with the flight.

GIFT Scores


22. To view the map with different layers, click on the layers icon in the upper right corner of the map.


Map Layers button

23. Choose from one of three layers:
VFR Sectionals
IFR Low-Enroute

Layers menu

24. When you place your cursor over over the altitude chart, the spot measurements for each graph appear.


Debrief Graph with spot measurements

25. As you move your cursor across the chart, the spot measurements track the graphs and the plane on the map traverses the flight path.

26. To turn on and off any particular graph on the chart, click on that graph name in the chart legend.

Debrief Graph

27. To delete a flight simulation listing, click on the trash can icon on Your Flights page.

Delete Debrief button highlighted


NOTE: You can delete the flight listing from the list, but you can not delete the flight itself.  In other words, the flight data will still be saved, but not visible on the list.

NOTE: For technical support, contact the Redbird Technical Support Team using the Navigator support menu on your Internet-connected simulator, or via email at, or by calling +1 512-301-0718 between the hours of 7am-6pm U.S. Central Time (-5/-6 UTC) Monday - Friday, excluding normal U.S. holidays.