[Bug Fix] Can't un-pause the simulation, panel controls don't work after update

How to fix the bug that causes the pause button and/or certain controls to not function properly after applying Windows Updates.

An issue has been reported regarding the inability to un-pause a flight through the Pause Button and/or use acrylic panel buttons on some systems after applying Windows Updates.

Steps to fix:

We have released a software update through Navigator for Windows 10 systems to resolve this behavior. From the Sim Management page in Navigator, select Updates, then apply the following software updates:
  • Navigator Desktop v1.3.0 (or higher)
  • Redbird Navigator v3.5.4 (or higher)


There is also a work-around if the software update cannot be applied:
  1. Prior to starting a flight, have a keyboard plugged into the pilot key port or another USB port on your computer.
  2. Load a flight, take the trackpad/mouse and left-click your cursor on the outside view directly in front of the pilot. Clicking on the screen should force the flight sim software to have focus and your pause button and acrylic panel functions should work properly.

The pause function on Jay & TD/TD2 systems is mapped to the F12 key on the keyboard. 



Contact Redbird Support for assistance, or if the above does not resolve your issue.