How do I change the speaker settings on a Jay or TD/TD2

This applies to the Jay, Jay Velocity, TD, and TD2 that run Redbird Navigator.

1) Close Navigator Desktop Software

  • Press the Alt key on the keyboard to bring down the menu bar
  • Click on the word Window and select Exit.


2) Open the Windows Sound Settings

  • Press the Windows key (ÿ) on the keyboard to bring up the start menu and taskbar.
  • Along the right side of the taskbar, right click on the small speaker icon and select Open Sound Settings.



3) Through the Windows Sound Settings menu, open the Sound Control Panel.


4) In the Sound Control Panel, Disable the Monitor Speakers

  • Right click on the monitor sound device, then select Disable.                                        (repeat for each monitor on a system with more than one monitor)

5) Set the Desktop Speakers to be the Windows Default

  • Right click on the Speakers, then select Set as Default Device.


Note:  To set voices (ATIS/AWOS/etc.) to playback over a separate device such as a headset, right click on that device and select Set as Default Communication Device.