How to Update Software on your Redbird Simulator

These instructions apply to Redbird Simulators that have a version of our Navigator Operating System. If your device hasn't be upgraded to Navigator, please use these instructions to update.
  1. Update Requirements (link)
  2. Check for Updates (link)
  3. Install Updates (link)

Update Requirements

  1. Your Redbird simulator must be under warranty or have a valid Service Agreement in place. Please contact us at or (512) 301-0718 to confirm your eligibility or start a new Service Agreement.
  2. You must have a stable internet connection for the duration of the update process. WiFi hotspots should be able to download the update if you aren't able to have a hardwired connection.

Check for Updates

  1. Ensure your Redbird is connected to the internet.
  2. If there is a software update or Scenario-Store download available, a notification icon will appear in the upper right corner (either an orange triangle or a white bell icon with an exclamation point).Update Icon
  3. If you see the update icon, click on it and proceed to Install Updates.
  4. Depending on the last time your device was connected to the internet, you may have an update available, but not shown. 
  5. If no update icon is shown, click on the Sim Management icon on the Navigator home screen (Springboard).Sim Management Icon
  6. Find the Updates tab on the left hand toolbar.
  7. Enter the Simulator Admin password (default password: "Redbird12345") and click Login to view updates. (See Note)Login to View Updates
  8. If there are no updates shown, click "Refresh". The simulator will connect to our update service and display any available updates. Proceed to Install Updates.

Install Updates

  1. You can access the updates screen via clicking on the Update icon if it's shown or the Sim Management app on the Navigator home screen (Springboard). 
  2. Enter the Simulator Admin password (default password: "Redbird12345") and click Login to view updates. (See Note)Login to View Updates
  3. If there are updates available, click the Update All button. The installation progress bar will appear.Updates
  4. The updates will download and install automatically. Please confirm any dialogs that are displayed during the update process.
  5. Once the available updates are complete, we recommend returning to the Updates tab in Sim Management and clicking Refresh to insure there are no more updates for your device.
  6. You may need to restart the system to insure the updates are appropriately installed.

Note: You can change the Simulator Admin password from the Settings tab in Sim Management. Contact your local system administrator for assistance. 

If your Simulator Admin password has been lost and the default password "Redbird12345" doesn't work, connect your system to the internet and contact Redbird Support for assistance resetting the password.