RealNav Nav Data Updates

Redbird is pleased to announce the integration of RealNav NavData updates with Redbird GPS software.

RealNav is a third-party database subscription built upon the navigation data produced by aviation authorities worldwide, and gathered by Lufthansa Systems.  It contains current real-world global information about airports, runways, en route and terminal waypoints, VHF Navaids,  airways, instrument approaches, departure procedures (SIDs), arrival procedures (STARs), and airspace.

RealNav FAQ:

Redbird AATD & BATD customers under factory warranty or covered by a service agreement have the following options:

  • RealNav Pro4: Annual subscription with 4 updates -- $495
  • RealNav Pro13: Annual subscription with 13 updates -- $995

Customers who are not under factory warranty or covered by a service agreement should contact Redbird Support for more information about how to become eligible to sign up for RealNav updates.


Here are the steps to acquire RealNav for your Redbird:

  1. Find and record your simulator's DB Key from the AUX page of the G1000 or GNS 430/530.

  2. Proceed to the RealNav website from a secure computer and sign up for the subscription of your choice

  3. You will be asked to provide contact info for account setup and credit card for the subscription fee.

  4. Once the purchase is complete, plug the all-in-one USB keyboard (provided with your simulator at installation) and click the Click Here For RealNav Updates button in the bottom left corner of the main Insert Pilot Key screen, or launch the blue "RealNav Updates" icon/shortcut from the Windows Desktop or Start Menu.

  5. The RealNav Update Installation Wizard will launch, then when you click the Check For Updates button, the wizard will begin to download and install the RealNav database.

  6. When the installation wizard says that it is finished, close the wizard and remove the all-in-one USB keyboard.

  7. Launch a flight/scenario.

  8. Go to the Aux page in your G1000 or GNS 530/430 and check to make sure the Aviation Database field has changed to say RealNav.

For more information on RealNav please visit the RealNav FAQ page, or contact Redbird Support.