Redbird Account User Guide

Last Updated: August, 2021

Creating and signing in to a Redbird Account with your Navigator-equipped Redbird Training Device can greatly enhance the training capability of your Redbird. When a pilot is logged in to their Redbird Account through the user interface, the system should save the flight data & history over the internet up to the account so you can later view & debrief your flights, or sync them with CloudAhoy, ForeFlight, etc.

Redbird Accounts are required to unlock and utilize certain content such as GIFT & Simulated Flight Courses on Redbird Training Devices. 

Below are steps on how to:

Create a New Account

1. In an Internet browser, navigate to the Redbird account login page at The login screen appears.

Login screen

2. Click on the Create New Account button at the bottom of the login screen. The Create Your Redbird Account screen appears.


Create Redbird Account fields

3. Enter the following information. When you're done click the Register button. The Redbird account page will appear.
First name
Last name
Email address
Confirm password

Edit an Account

Change Password
4. To change your password, click the Profile down arrow.

Profile button

5. Click the Change Password button. Once you click the button, a reset code will automatically be sent to your email address and the Reset Password screen appears.

Change Password button

6. Enter the reset code, the new password, confirm the password, then click the Reset Password button.

Activate a Curriculum License

7. To activate a curriculum license, click the Curriculum Licenses down arrow.

Curriculum Licenses button

8. Enter the 16-character license activation code you received from Redbird by entering four characters in each of the four textboxes.


Curriculum Licenses fields

9. Check the I agree to the Redbird Flight GIFT terms and conditions checkbox.

10. Click the Activate License button.

Generate a Pilot Key

11. To generate a pilot key, click the Generate Pilot Key down arrow.

Generate Pilot Key button

12. Enter the 4-6 digit PIN twice and click the Generate/Download Pilot Key button.

Generate Pilot Key fields

13. The system will create an RBPK file in your downloads folder. Transfer the RBPK file to your pilot key (or any USB thumb drive).

Integration to Another Application


NOTE: Currently, integrations are available with ForeFlight and CloudAhoy. You will need email and password to log in.



15. To integrate to another application, click the Integrations down arrow.

Integrations button

16. Click on the Login to Integrate button for the desired application.

Integrations selections

NOTE: For technical support, contact the Redbird Technical Support Team using the Navigator support menu on your Internet-connected simulator, or via email at, or by calling +1 512-301-0718 between the hours of 7am-6pm U.S. Central Time (-5/-6 UTC) Monday - Friday, excluding normal U.S. holidays.