TD/TD2 Controls Calibration

These instructions are on how to calibrate the controls (yoke, throttle, prop, mixture) on a Redbird TD/TD2 simulator

If RD1 Rudder Pedals also need to be calibrated use the RD1 Rudder Pedal Calibration Guide.

Opening the 'Windows Game Controllers’ window

Run Joycpl

Plug a standard windows keyboard into your simulator.

Hold the Windows key and tap the R key to open the Windows Run Command.

Type joy.cpl into the window.

Click OK and the Game Controllers window should open. 

Calibrating the Throttle


Select the TD Switch Panel from the list of available game controllers.

Click the Properties button.






TD2_SwitchPanel_PropertiesNavigate to the Settings tab up in the top left corner of the TD Switch Panel Properties window that pops up.









TD2_SwitchPanel_SettingsFirst click the Reset to default button, and then click the Calibrate button.











Follow the instructions in the Game Device Calibration Wizard that pops up.


At the Find Center Point screen leave the yoke handle at rest and click Next.








At the first Axis Calibration page, move the yoke to the corners of its range of motion:

  • Push the yoke full forward, and turn it full right.
  • While holding full right, pull the yoke full back.
  • While holding full back, turn the yoke full left.
  • While holding full left, push the yoke full forward.
  • While holding full forward, turn the yoke full right.
  • Repeat above steps (1x).*
  • Release the yoke handle.**
  • Click Next.
    *Ensure that the yoke hits all 4 corners of its range of motion.
    **The crosshair may not sit in the exact middle of the box when the yoke is released; this is normal and the yoke will still calibrate properly. 



At the Verify Center Point screen, adjust the throttle, prop*, and mixture verniers to (approximately) the center of their range of motion, then click Next.

*If on a Redbird TD (without prop control vernier), disregard any instructions referring to prop control.



Wizard_Z_AxisThe next few pages will be Axis Calibration screens; for each Axis Calibration screen find the corresponding vernier* and move it all the way open, and then all the way closed** (repeat 1x), then click Next to progress to the next axis. 

* Depending on the version of the TD, some of the Axis Calibration pages will not be attached to the control verniers. If the slider bar on the Axis Calibration page doesn't move when any of the verniers are adjusted, disregard and click Next to progress to the next page. 

**  The "_ Axis" bars may not move all the way to the ends of the slider as the verniers are adjusted, this is normal and the controls will still calibrate properly.




Click Finish on the final page of the Game Device Calibration Wizard to close the wizard.









Back at the TD Switch Panel Properties Window on the Test tab:

  • First click Apply,
  • Then click OK
    *If Apply is not clicked first, Windows may not apply your calibration settings properly. 






Test the TD's controls in a flight to see if they are properly calibrated. 


If RD1 Rudder Pedals also need to be calibrated use the RD1 Rudder Pedal Calibration Guide.

Contact Redbird Support if you require assistance or run into any issues with this calibration process on your Redbird TD or TD2.