Troubleshooting CPU Power Issues

These instructions are on how to calibrate the yoke, throttle, and rudders on your Redbird MCX, FMX, MX2, SD, or LD.

No light on CPU power supply when plugged in:

  1. Check for loose cables in the back of the CPU (main power cable).
  2. If the cable is plugged in and still no light check the outlet for power problems or switch to a different outlet.
  3. Still no light? Unplug all cables (note all the positions for all the cables) including power.
  4. Leave CPU with no power and no cables plugged in for 30 minutes
  5. Plug in only the power cable for the CPU and check the status light on the power supply.
  6. If status light on power supply stays off, the power supply may be dead and has to be replaced.

CPU power supply has light when plugged in, but nothing is else is happening:

  1. Please open the CPU case by removing the screws for the top cover or pressing in the stubs on the top cover and slide the covers off.
  2. Locate the two screws on top of the power panel (panel with the power and reset buttons).
  3. Unscrew the power panel, carefully slide the power panel to through the front and check for loose connection on the back on the buttons.
  4. If all connections are secure please screw the power panel back on and try to power on the computer again.

If the power panel connection is secure and the PC still does not power on:

  1. Locate the white block next to your hard drive controllers (images below):
  2. FMX---CPU-Not-Powering-Up
  3. Please secure all cables attached to this block specially the power and ground leading to the power panel.
  4. The white block detaches (unplugs) from the motherboard.
  5. Please reseed (unplug and plug back in) only the white block from the mother board (not the cables from the white block).
  6. Once you have reseeded the white block try to power on the CPU.

If your CPU still does not power on please try the following only if you are confident in your abilities to work closely on the motherboard:

  1. Disconnect the white block from the motherboard make note of the location of the power and ground cable connector on the white block.
  2. Disconnect the connector from the white block and connect it to the corresponding pins for power and ground connector (two pins) on the
  3. Then try to power on the CPU again.
  4. If this fail last thing to try is to jump (short) the two pins for the power and ground directly on the motherboard with a screwdriver momentarily
    to give it a jump start. (note these are the pins corresponding to the power and ground connectors on the white block).
  5. If this last step works the problem is either a loose connection between the power panel buttons and the white block refer to "If the power panel connection is secure and the PC still does not power on".

If the issue still persists after these steps, please contact Redbird support for further troubleshooting.