Troubleshooting Cygnus

Follow these troubleshooting steps to attempt to resolve any issues you're having with Cygnus.

Cygnus Information Console

When the Cygnus software is running, an icon will appear on the Windows taskbar (by the system date/time). Right click on the Cygnus taskbar icon and select the Info Console option to open the Cygnus Information Console.

When a simulation is running and the Cygnus cable is connected, the Cygnus Information Console gives you information about the Cygnus connections (cable and simulation) as well as lat./long., altitude and groundspeed of the simulation. 

The Cygnus Information Console is a useful tool for diagnosing where the problem may be when experiencing issues with Cygnus. 

Common Cygnus Issues:


If the above steps fail to resolve the issue, contact Redbird Support for further troubleshooting.